What to ask when goal-setting


January is the time of year where everyone wants to start setting new goals and focusing on what they want to accomplish for the year. I think there are several successful methods that can be implemented to help you achieve your goals. If you do not have a method, we can work on one together that fits you best. For those that already have a goal setting method that they love, here are some questions to consider, not only while planning but also while in the acting phase.

1.What will happen if you don’t achieve your goal? What’s the worst thing that can happen during this goal achievement process?  – It is very important to be optimistic when we are trying to achieve our goals but it’s also important that we are realistic. We set goals for a reason and remembering that is important. We often put off our goals because we forget what’s at stake if we don’t achieve them and putting that into consideration can often give us the motivation we need to stay on task. This is also beneficial because it allows us to start contingency planning for those setbacks and challenges, so if they arrive, you are more likely mentally prepared to overcome them.

2.What strengths do you have that can be used as leverage in achieving your goal? When we attempt at things that we’ve never done before it’s easy to lose confidence in our ability to achieve it. It’s important to look at the strengths we already know that we possess and use those as leverage when we start to doubt ourselves. Strengths can be mental, interpersonal, physical or be values/beliefs that you hold on to tightly. Keeping a list of those strengths can help you be confident in your goal achievement.

3.What support system do you have? There is very little in this world that we can accomplish on our own. Having people that believe in you, will help you, support you and be there to hold you accountable is one of the most underutilized strategies in goal achievement. This must be people that you can trust to be there for you. Having someone to give you other perspectives when it starts to get hard and celebrate when you succeed takes stress off yourself and more likely will keep you working toward your goal.

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