About Me

Ashley Baskerville ,MS

I don’t quite remember when my love for sports began, but somewhere between Friday Night Football games starting at 4 months old or getting my first basketball hoop at 2 , sports and Ashley became synonymous. Whether it was playing, analyzing, coaching, or simply being a spectator; sports are a real passion for me. Growing up I participated in basketball, volleyball, competitive cheer, track and field as well as golf. Now as an adult I find fitness extremely important and even discovered a passion for kickboxing and yoga. I coach Special Olympics and youth leagues and I love spreading the importance of sports to others.

I started my college career majoring in Psychology but could not shake my passion for sports and eventually switched majors to Sport Psychology, Coaching, and Leadership and I consider it one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have always found the mental aspects of sports to be the most fascinating  but sadly the most under rated part of sport. I want to help athletes discover the mentality they need to be indestructible and truly succeed, not only within sports but in life. I later returned to Cal State Long Beach to receive my Masters of Science in Sport and Exercise Psychology and am an active member of Associate of Applied Sport Psychology.

I have a wonderful clientele that consists of  NBA players, NFL players, Olympic prospects, college athletes and high school athletes. With such a wide variety of clients I have really been able to expand my experiences and have seen unbelievable success with my clients.